List of patients

In this module we have access to the list of patients and search options, add / delete etc.

Patients Charter

To edit details of the patients data click the panel on the left. In this tab you can not only determine discounts but also assign patient to one of the groups (e.g., dentistry, orthodontics) that you define yourself in the “settings”. In the Additional information tab you can add a description followed by your own list of fields of YES/NO type. This can be used for example to carry out the survey on the past illnesses or allergies. Once defined it can be used repeatedly.


In the “Printing templates” you can define documents which are printed in the office (e.g., a reminder of the visit for the patient, the report of the visit, invoice, etc.). Printouts are divided into several categories. Headers and footers are blocks of data (eg name and logo of the clinic) which are automatically appended to all printouts from the program. In the “Prescription” catalog, you can define a template for list of drugs prescribed during a patients visit.

Review panel

The review panel was prepared in cooperation with doctors, which provides the possibility of editing it appropriately to the needs of the office.

RTG with RVG

The program can be integrated with imaging programs, intraoral cameras, as well as scanners and Wi-Fi memory cards.

Periodontological panel

This panel is a special card prepared for the needs of periodontists.

Patient groups

In the module, we can divide into groups depending on our needs.


Integration with the Medirata system allows us to quickly send a request for financing the treatment along with the patient's contact details and the amount.


The program allows you to issue full-cost prescriptions, reimbursed prescriptions and e-Prescriptions.

Rebate groups

In the program, we can configure a discount system for patients using appropriately defined discount groups for treatment groups in the price list.


This module allows you to records and issue invoices / bills / receipts. There is a record of all created documents. You can define your own document templates.


In this module, you can view and print the statement of work for the dental technician. The top toolbar allows you to choose the dental workshop and time period. In the list will be all the treatments assigned to a given patient. The module also allows you to change the status of the tasks for the technician (in the delivery / amendment / performed), and by one click quickly make an appointment for the next visit (eg to receive prostheses).


In this section you can configure the appearance of schedule. Grid schedule limits the minimum period of time for which we can plan the visit. Please note that the grid is more concentrated the smaller range of hours will fit on the screen without scrolling the schedule. The program allows you to plan several visits to one hour, in that case patients will be shown one next to another.

Work time planning

In this module you can quickly and clearly plan working time of doctors and assistance. Calendar in the upper left-hand corner shows the time period for which we plan. You can also select visible surgeries on the toolbar.

Accounting for doctors

The program allows for quick and reliable settlement of personnel on the basis of performed procedures and working time.

Queue waiting

The queue allows you to register patients waiting for the first available date to any or indicated doctor.

Known doctor

You can configure the schedule in the program with a calendar on the portal.


This module allows you to records and issue invoices / bills / receipts. There is a record of all created documents. You can define your own document templates.


Messenger module is accessible by a messenger icon with the logo of the “e”, it appears in the notification area next to the clock on the taskbar of Windows.


Reports allow you to view and print a summary of the data concerning patients, doctors and treatments carried out for a period of time.


By clicking on the bookmark “video” you open a window with preview of image from the camera connected to your computer. This can be intraoral camera, microscope, TV card or any other video capture device compatible with Windows.

Loyalty Program

We present a new module which enables handling of loyalty programs.

Fiscal module

The fiscal module enables integration with Posnet, Thermal, Novitus and Elzab fiscal printers.

NFZ module cabinet

This module allows the physician to introduce procedures performed under the contract with the National Health Fund on the basis of the contract signed and loaded into the program.

NFZ administration module

The administration module is a tool for the administrator that allows him to enter contracts with the National Health Fund into the system, configure the availability of contract products for individual doctors.


It is a module with which you can keep inventory in the office, enter the expiry dates of products, as well as payment dates entered into the invoice system.

Patient's consent

The patient consent module gives the clinic the option to completely resign from paper documentation, transferring the completion of all consents for treatment to an electronic form.

Data synchronization

Data synchronization allows for automatic data exchange between multiple sites.

Online registration

The module enables the registration of new patients and their appointments.

SMS Notification

With the SMS module, you can contact with patients in a modern and convenient way. Send an SMS notification of the visit to your customers.

Doctor's web module

The doctor's website graphic allows you to view the office schedule and basic information about the appointment.

Simple Backup

Simple Backup allows you to make a secured and encrypted copy of sensitive medical data.

Sterilization module

The module enables simple and functional recording of sterilization packages used in the treatment of a patient.

Independent Patient Service Station

The Independent Patient Service Station allows the patient to insert the card in the system and complete the interview while waiting for an appointment with the doctor.

Integration with the GOOGLE calendar

Integration allows you to share the schedule of visits, which they can check directly from the phone or other tool.

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