The new version of the ESTOMED program with e-Prescriptions is now available.

For them to start working, you should apply for a certificate of attestation. You can obtain such a request at: https://rpwdl.csioz.gov.pl /

The required documents to receive the certificate and at a later date to issue prescriptions, enter information from the register of entities / individual practices at: https://rpwdl.csioz.gov.pl/
Detailed information is available at: Instruction video (this is a tutorial on how to proceed)

For the patient to be able to take full advantage of this functionality, he or she should have an account at https://obywatel.gov. pl / to be able to use this function, the patient must have an e-PUAP or ZUSPUE signature.

The site must update your phone contact details and e-mail. You will be able to print the prescription in a traditional form, but after changing how many drugs will be assigned, so many prescriptions will be printed.

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