In the “Printing templates” you can define documents which are printed in the office (e.g., a reminder of the visit for the patient, the report of the visit, invoice, etc.). Printouts are divided into several categories. Headers and footers are blocks of data (eg name and logo of the clinic) which are automatically appended to all printouts from the program. In the “Prescription” catalog, you can define a template for list of drugs prescribed during a patients visit.

On the toolbar you can find a button to add a new printout. Edit of an existing one is performed by double-clicking on an icon template. Editor print recalls a typical word processors. You can freely format the text or insert special areas from on the “Insert” menu. There is an option of “text block” which defines print area of precise siez (height, width, margins). Ot is used for example to print on prescriptions. . The data fields shown in blue (eg patient’s name, current date) will be automatically replaced with respectable data from the database while sending the document to the printer.

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